• Who is eligible to apply?
    FAQs – You’re eligible to apply for conditional approval from Zebra Asset Finance if you can answer “yes” to all the following statements:

    • I’m over 18 years old
    • I have an UK residential address
    • I have a current and valid driver’s licence
    • I receive regular income
  • How long does it take to apply?
    It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the conditionally approved finance application form, providing you have all the relevant information to hand (if you are contacting us Saturday or Sunday this might take up to 24 hours).
  • How long does my conditionally approved finance agreement last?
    Your Zebra Asset Finance conditional approval is valid for up to 90 days (3 months) from the date of issue.
  • If I get conditionally approved, what happens next?
    Your conditional approval confirmation email explains all the next steps. Once you have found your car, just contact us and we will take it from there.
  • What’s the minimum amount I can borrow?
    The minimum amount that can be financed is £1,500
  • If I get conditionally approved and I find a car I want that costs more, do I have to re-apply?
    Just call our sales team and they will guide you through what needs to be done.
  • Can I apply if I need a commercial loan?
    Yes, just give our sales team a call and they will guide you through the process.
  • Can I apply for conditional approval using my company?
    Yes, just give our sales team a call and they will guide you through the process
  • What cars are eligible for finance?
    We will finance cars on the road, with just a few exclusions:
  • What vehicle checks are involved?
    Once you have found your ideal car, we will happily perform a few checks, which include:

    • A ‘written off’ check, making sure your car has not previously been written off
    • A check to ensure your Vehicle Identification Number is valid
    • Mileage check
  • Who do I contact once I have found my car?
    Just contact our sales team and they will guide you through the next steps.
  • Can’t find an answer to your question?
    You can contact us either via email or phone between the hours of 8.00 – 6.30pm Monday to Saturday on the below:
    Email: info@zebraassetfinance.co.uk
    Phone: 0845 65 28 267

Click here to apply for conditionally approved  finance.